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Featured Community Profile: Phillips County

Phillips County is a small, rural community located in northern Kansas. Defined by small town hospitality and a strong entrepreneurial spirit, the folks in Phillips County have joined together to make their community the best possible place to live or start a business. With a “can-do” attitude and active approach to solving community problems, local businesses and organizations come together to do things like renovate a community movie theatre, construct play areas and build a new daycare center, something volunteers are in the process of completing. Click here to learn more about Phillips County.


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wKREDA is a coalition of people in the 55 western Kansas counties who've decided to pool their resources, both human and financial, to work together for the common good of western Kansas. wKREDA's members maintain a collaborative affiliation with each other so that we are able to achieve both our individual, and our collective, rural development goals.

As a volunteer organization, wKREDA is governed by a 12-member Board of Directors who meet quarterly to coordinate the activities of the alliance. The Board organizes the activities for the Business Development, Government Affairs, Education and Public Relations committees. In addition, many ad hoc task force groups are created as needed to meet the opportunities and challenges faced by wKREDA's membership.

We're excited to talk about western Kansas with anyone who may be interested in this wonderful place we call home.

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