Board of Directors

As a volunteer organization, WKREDA is governed by a 12-member Board of Directors who meets quarterly to coordinate the activities of the alliance. Each board member is elected to serve three-year terms, but is limited to two consecutive terms. One-half of the Board's members represent northwest Kansas and the other half represents southwest Kansas. (see map)


wKREDA map

The current officers and board members are:  

  • (NW) Sarah LaRosh, 2024 President
  • (NW) Mike Parsons, Vice President
  • (NW) Kara Jecha, Secretary
  • (-) Nikki Pfannenstiel, Treasurer
  • (SW) Bob Dale, Member
  • (SW) Ralph Goodnight, Member
  • (SW) Eli Svaty, Past 2023 President
  • (SW) Jan Leonard, Member
  • (NW) Kris Oldsen, Member
  • (NW) Deb Minkler, Member
  • (SW) Mollea Wainscott, Member
  • (SW) Shelly Hansel, Member
  • The wKREDA Board of Directors is always interested in hearing input from the membership that will further the causes of the organization and the economic well-being of western Kansas. If you have an idea, they want to hear it! Send an email to: