Board of Directors

As a volunteer organization, wKREDA is governed by a 12-member Board of Directors who meets quarterly to coordinate the activities of the alliance. Each board member is elected to serve three-year terms, but is limited to two consecutive terms. One-half of the Board's members represent northwest Kansas and the other half represents southwest Kansas. (see map)


wKREDA map

The current officers and board members are:  
(SW) Linette Miller, President
(NW) Nick Poels, Vice President
(NW) Kelly Larson, Secretary
(-) Nikki Pfannenstiel, Treasurer 
(SW) Christy Hopkins,Past President
(NW) Mendi Anschutz, Member
(SW) Kara Jecha, Member, 
(SW) Joann Knight, Member
(NW) James Wright, Member
(NW) Suzanne McClure, Member
(SW) Becki Richardson, Member
(SW) Ashlee Bevan, Member
(NW) -



The wKREDA Board of Directors is always interested in hearing input from the membership that will further the causes of the organization and the economic well-being of western Kansas. If you have an idea, they want to hear it! Send an email to: Board of Directors.