Professional Development Committee

Professional Development Committee Strategic Plan for 2020:

  • Report on current opportunities or advancements in recent industries such as Hemp.  These updates would be a part of the quarterly wKREDA meeting CD 101 sessions.  10-15 minute reports.
  • There would also be regular updates at quarterly meetings given by Kansas Department of Commerce staff on program changes, opportunities, updates, etc.  10-15 minute reports.
  • We would like to conduct several “ED 101” sessions either independent of the quarterly meetings, or as an addition to the meetings as a morning unit running from 9 a.m. to noon, as an example.  If they were held on a complete separate day, they may be a full day event.  An example of this would be when a quarterly meeting was held in Wichita, a separate session may be conducted by the Kansas Leadership Center specifically for WKREDA members interested in leadership development.  Sessions for new economic development directors would also be possible.
  • Conduct a survey of WKREDA members on leadership experience and needs.

Committee Co-Chairs:

Roger Hrabe   (785) 425-6881
Dan Steffen   (785) 217-3252

Committee Members:

Cindy Wallace   (620) 626-2256
Doug Williams   (785) 623-1100
Eli Svaty   (620) 655-2036
Kimberly DeClue   (620) 672-5501
Lea Ann Seiler   (620) 357-5561
Maria Dennison   (620) 417-1957
Nadine Sigle   (785) 346-6256
Nikki Bjurstrom   (620) 375-2182
Ron Wilson   (785) 532-7690  
Stacie Schmidt   (785) 810-8303