Western Kansas Jobs

The Western Kansas Rural Economic Development Alliance (wKREDA, pronounced KREDA), created a workforce initiative project in 2007 commonly called the “We Have Jobs” initiative. This initiative has successfully recruited many people back to western Kansas communities by promoting a website which details jobs in each county across the wKREDA membership area (58 counties).

The concept behind the “We Have Jobs” (WHJ) initiative was to make it easier to connect potential employees (workforce) to western Kansas businesses looking for employees or considering expansion in the near future. The Western Kansas Jobs website provides a one stop point for locating and exploring job opportunities across the entire western portion of Kansas and promotes (links) information on wKREDA members’ local websites.  This enables the job hunter to locate opportunities AND discover the attributes to the area around the job.

At the present time, there are approximately 20,000 visitors to the job opportunity website a month.  The website, , promotes itself through multiple networking and marketing avenues. The current avenues of marketing are: web advertisements, career fair marketing, alumni brochure flyers, advertisements on local trucks, free magnets, wKREDA training at alumni and school functions, magazine articles, and other face-to-face marketing.

The initial promotion was performed by using a business card sized magnet which promoted the website with the slogan “Discover Western Kansas ~ Where Life Works”. Although the concept was relatively simple, it has been very successful for marketing the website location and the jobs available in western Kansas.  This magnet is now coupled with the “Welcome Home” brochures.  The intent of the brochure is to inform western Kansas alumni about the website and to encourage them to share these opportunities with their family and friends.

If you have any inquiries about getting brochures or advertising on the WHJ website, please contact: Nikki Pfannenstiel (785) 623-3334.