An Invitation to Dairy in Western Kansas

Western Kansas is ideally suited for the dairy industry. An abundance of irrigated farmland, wide open spacing, a semi-arid climate, stable economic base and low operational costs make us one of the top livestock producing areas in the nation.  For more information about dairies in western Kansas, please visit us at

Just look at how we compare to others in the United States:


in Wheat Produced

506,000,000 bushels


in Sorghum Grain Produced

273,000,000 bushels


in Sorghum Silage Produced

1,280,000 tons


in Prime Farmland

23,411,200 acres


in Red Meat Production by Commercial Slaughter Plants

5,444,200,000 lbs


in Cattle and Calves on Farms

6,550,000 head


in all Hay Produced

6,840,000 tons


in Alfalfa Hay Produced

3,600,000 tons


in Corn Grain Produced

1,250,900 acres


in Corn Silage Produced

2,250,000 tons

The presence of irrigation, commercial feed yards and large packing plants have created a stable agriculture-based economy, yet, land prices are low when compared with other parts of the country. Our communities and state legislature understand and support agriculture.

As evidenced by the growing dairy industry in the region, cows reach peak performance in the semi-arid climate of western Kansas where feed grains and alfalfa also thrive.

Approximately 20 inches of annual rainfall and snowfall moisture is supplemented by irrigation making the area optimal for crop production.

Additional Climate Information  
Climate Average Snowfall 13.8" 
Average Annual Rainfall 19.87"
First Frost (Average Date) Oct. 20
Last Frost (Average Date)  April 25
Sunshine Average per year 256 days
Humidity Low 


Reasons to Consider Western Kansas

  • The wKREDA region provides a quality of life that can only be found in rural America.
  • A strong sense of community and a caring population is evident in both our small and large communities.
  • Good schools and a low crime rate make our home a perfect place to raise children.
  • A strong work ethic and cost-effective labor force make it an ideal place to build a business.

Our home is the place to make your new home. Why not contact us today so we can help you make your dreams come true in western Kansas!

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