Marketing Committee

The Marketing Committee is responsble for the marketing and publicity of the WKREDA organization, as well as the members it represents. The committee maintains and provides content for the WKREDA website, all social media channels and print where required. The strategy for the Marketing Committee for 2020 is to develop a western Kansas brand identity for regional awareness, promote the organization and the region through a redesigned online presence, and develop an integratable western kansas jobs portal for local site benefit. 

Committee Co-Chairs:

Nick Poels   (785) 543-5809
Ashlee Bevan  (620) 549-3527

Committee Members:

Courtney Kuntz   (785) 532-1249
Jonathan Clayton   (620) 615-2409
Linette Miller   (620) 339-9260
Lucas Goddard   (785) 874-5150
Mike Posson   (785) 871-1523
Taylor Dye   (620) 855-2215