Workforce Committee

The workforce committee works with Economic Development and communities to establish avenues to recruit, train and retain a qualified workforce. This may mean looking at other geographic areas that we may be able to recruit workforce to re-locate to Western Kansas (WKREDA Area) to work and live. Other recruitment activities may include making sure that job openings or potential job growth is pushed out and marketed to jobseekers so that they are aware of what is available and in high demand. Training jobseekers to fill in-demand job openings across the WKREDA area will be very important in order to fill the openings that are currently available and upcoming projects that will need a qualified workforce. And of course, retention will be key in maintaining job growth across WKREDA. That may included ensuring that area employers are of aware of what competitive wages and benefit packages look like. Training availability and quality of life factors will be necessary to in order to retain the quality workforce.

Committee Co-Chairs:

Tucky Allen   (316) 303-2906
Kyla  Keller    (620) 371-3866

Committee Members:

Courtney Swanson - (785) 532-1249 -
Heather Morgan - (913) 683-9946 -
Joann Knight - (620) 338-5101 -
Kelly Larson - (785) 524-8954 -
Kimberly DeClue - (620) 672-5501 -
Lea Ann Seiler - (620) 357-5561 -
Lucas Goddard - (785) 874-5150 -
Marla Canfield - (785) 230-1025 -
Phyllis LaShell - (785) 577-4610 -
Ron Wilson - (785) 532-7690 -  
Vernon Hurd - (785) 460-4511 -