Legislative Committee

The Legislative Committee monitors legislation and/or regulations at the state and federal level that impact the ability for successful rural development efforts in Kansas. The committee schedules area legislators to speak to WKREDA members during quarterly updates. The committee schedules the annual Legislative Conference, held in Topeka early in the year. Each year the legislative position paper is drafted by members of the committee, based on input from the membership. When needed, the committee may issue a call to action to the members to contact legislators about specific issues.

WKREDA does not usually take a stand on political issues since the membership represents diverse attitudes. WKREDA does encourage individual members to voice their concerns in a positive manner.

Committee Co-Chairs:

Clare Gustin   (785) 635-3511   cgustin@sunflower.net
Lona DuVall   (620) 290-2244   lona@ficoedc.com

Committee Members:

Dan Steffen   (785) 217-3252   daniel.steffen@ks.gov
Doug Williams   (785) 623-1100   doug@growhays.com
Eli Svaty   (620) 655-2036   eli@swks.org
Heather Morgan   (913) 683-9946   hmorgan@kacct.org
Joann Knight   (620) 338-5101   jknight@dodgedev.org
Kara Jecha   (785) 372-4236   kjecha@gbtlive.com
Kim Reynolds   (785) 243-2010   kim.reynolds@cloudcorp.net
Mendi Anschutz   (785) 625-7070   manschutz@nex-tech.com
Nick Poels   (785) 543-5809   npoels@pcedks.org
Nikki Pfannenstiel   (785) 623-3334   npfannenstiel@sunflower.net
Ralph Goodnight   (620) 271-4643   r.goodnight@kearnycountykansas.com
Randall  Hrabe   (785) 421-2151   nwkpdc@ruraltel.net


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