Graham County Community Development

410 North Pomeroy • Graham • Hill City, Kansas 67642
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Graham County Community Development was established in 2022 for the purpose of promoting the county and assisting in business and community development initiatives. 

Graham County, Kansas was one of thirty-four counties created by the Kansas Legislature in 1867. It was named in honor of Captain L. Graham - Company D, Eighth Kansas Infantry, who was killed in action in Chickamauga on September 19, 1863. The area-comprising Graham County was originally occupied by the Comanche tribe of Indians. 

Located in the center of the Northwest Kansas region, Graham County is halfway between Kansas City and Denver. Graham County and the incorporated cities of Bogue, Hill City, and Morland, as well as the unincorporated communities of Nicodemus (a national historic site), Penokee, and St. Peter, welcome you to visit and experience a unique quality of life that only small towns in Kansas can provide. 

Graham County Community Development welcomes any and all inquiries as to what we can offer you. For more details, please see the contact information below. 


Dan Steffen

Community Development Coordinator