Meade County Economic Development Committee, Inc.

PO Box 238 • Meade, KS 67864
United States
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Meade County is at the heart of the American Frontier with three communities,

Fowler, Meade and Plains, places where dreams became reality, fortunes were made and adventure had. Meade County is where cowboys roamed free, settlers staked their claim and entrepreneurs got their start. This is our past but it’s also our future. Meade County is still home to cowboys, farmers, adventurers, and entrepreneurs. With a diverse landscape, rich history, and dedicated people, Meade County offers many opportunities to explore the Wild, Wild West…where potential exceeds the limitless sky!

Meade County is taking control of its future and is actively working to enhance and strengthen its agricultural, business, resident and youth communities to ensure that future generations always have access to the Wild West and the American Dream - where freedom is abundant, there’s space to roam and opportunity for all.

There’s Plenty To Do Here

Meade State Lake and Park was the first lake in Kansas and is still an oasis for those who love to cool off and enjoy watersports. With 443 acres, families can boat, swim, fish, limited hunting, hike and camp at Meade Lake, making it a popular destination.

The County is also host to a wide variety of events throughout the year, including:

  • Trout Fishing Derby
  • Artesian Valley Health Fair
  • OK Kids Day
  • Crooked Creek Classic Livestock Show
  • KPRA Rodeo
  • Fowler Threshing Days
  • WRCA Ranch Rodeo
  • Meade County Fair
  • Chuckwagon Theatre
  • Joe Roberts Memorial Car Show
  • Christmasing in Plains

For a full list of recreation and entertainment options, including Hunting & Fishing: click here.

Meade County Has a Growth Mindset

Meade County has a growth mindset. With its three communities, Fowler, Meade and Plains, accessible by multiple highways, rail and the Meade Municipal Airport, it is easy for businesses and families to locate here. 

The quality of life is plentiful in Meade County with strong employment, numerous local events, churches, good schools, a strong health system, shopping and housing.  With a focus on making life in Meade County the best it can be, these amenities continue to be strengthened through economic development and county initiatives.

Opportunities Are Limitless

Meade County offers opportunities to grow either as an employee or business owner.  It strives to acknowledge its communities and local businesses individually, along with the surrounding agriculture areas by supporting goals and addressing basic needs. Here, each business is treated as a valuable and important economic driver. This means that you can expect excellent service and individual attention that may be reserved for larger companies in the big city. Here, everyone matters and Meade County and its communities are receptive to individual requests by assisting whenever possible. 

To assist businesses moving to, or already in, the county, Meade County and Meade County Economic Development (MCED) have business capital and operating loan programs available for those who qualify. There is also a property tax rebate program for those with qualifying expenditures of $10,000 or more. Both programs can make it possible for a business to achieve their goals, capitalize on an opportunity for growth or expand their company in Kansas.

Internally, MCED is working to strengthen local businesses with a focus on business retention, sustainable business growth and by encouraging the development of renewable energy sources. MCED is also working to help the dairy, livestock and agricultural communities grow, knowing how important they have always been to the region.

Come to Meade County

Steeped in a rich history, Meade County has never forgotten its past. The Wild West was won by strong, adventurous and dedicated pioneers, cowboys and entrepreneurs. Their spirit achieved what many thought was impossible and their legacy lives on today in the hearts and minds of all who seek adventure and the opportunity to carve out their own slice of the American Dream. It’s all possible in Meade County.