Nu Life Market in Scott County is Creating New Opportunities in Value-Added Agriculture

28 Sep 2019

nu lifeNu Life Market, LLC was nominated by the Scott County Development Committee for the Manufacturing Business of the Year award. Located in Scott City, Kansas, Nu Life Market combines the dedication and skill of professional farmers and food scientists with superior quality control standards to provide customers with top quality sorghum flours and grain products that consumers can trust as safe and healthy options for their family. Nu Life products are produced under strict food safety protocols in dedicated gluten free, dairy free, peanut free, soy free and certified kosher facility. This has allowed the company to service a consumer segment that for health or personal reasons, are selective in what they eat and from where their food originates.  Simultaneously, the company is bringing attention to the high-quality agricultural products coming out of Kansas.

Nu Life Market is Positioned for Growth

Nu Life Market is vertically integrated to achieve the highest quality of sustainable, allergen free, nutritional boosting ingredients. As one of the largest dedicated gluten free flour mills in the United States, they control all aspects of milling to produce a custom particle size, from whole grain, fine bakery flour, to functional ingredients.

Leadership Matters

Earl Roemer, Founder & CEO of Nu Life Market, LLC, worked diligently for nearly a decade before launching the company. That commitment to research and development made it possible to secure both Kellogg and General Mills as customers of their bulk product. While the vision has pivoted a multitude of times during their operation, the success continues to grow on a global scale. Mr. Roemer is constantly exploring new global markets for their gluten-free lines.

Why Nu Life Market Exemplifies the wKREDA Spirit

Mr. Roemer and Nu Life Market, LLC have created a new value-added market for agricultural products in Western Kansas. Though the region has always been known for agriculture, the focus on the gluten and allergen-free markets is an innovative niche that is growing every year. The company is positioned as a leader in the industry which will create further demand for local crops. As Katie Eisenhour, Executive Director of Scott County Development Committee, said, “These are very exciting times for Nu Life Market AND for western Kansas value-added agriculture!  The opportunities are limitless.”