Sake 2 Me and Brew Bar share new location

15 May 2017

When Sake 2 Me opened in downtown Hays approximately five and a half years ago, Mike Huskey, hoped it would be well-received.

“I thought there was a small market for it,” the owner said. “I did it because I felt the small market would be enough to make it run.”

However, it soon was clear the market was bigger than what he originally thought.

“For the first six months, we had lines out the door,” Huskey said. “It was actually insane.”

Huskey said he wasn’t expecting that. In the beginning, it was just him rolling sushi — a craft he taught himself.

“It wasn’t exactly a matter of nobody else is doing it, so I’m going to do it,” Huskey said. “It was just I had to leave town if I wanted to eat at a sushi place, so that was kind of what motivated me also.”

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