Hodgeman County holds Maker Camp

Hodgeman County holds Maker Camp Main Photo

29 Jun 2018


Twenty-seven students between the 2nd and 6th grade took part in the first-ever Hodgeman County Maker’s Camp last week.  It was a fun learning event that was created to expose kids (and their parents) to 3D Printing, Coding, Podcasting and Entrepreneurship.  “I really hope that we can continue the program in some form, whether it be in the same camp-format…or perhaps in shorter, one day events offered on Teacher In-service Days, or Holiday Breaks” said Lea Ann Seiler, Hodgeman County Economic Development.  “We had great instructors who gave a solid introduction to the kids…and I think the kids have a real interest in learning more!  It was fun listening to them talk about ways they could use technology to make a positive difference in the world.”

“We talked about actively looking for problem???????s, and trying to find ways to solve them.  We learned about some new technology that is helping us solve problems.  We learned a new coding language, and worked on an arduino.  We designed items and then had our designs become a reality when they were 3D Printed.  We learned that in podcasting, we can be heard around the world!  A???????nd lastly, we learned that keeping our bodies moving helps us think better and more creatively.  It was an awesome (exhausting) experience. I have so much respect for Teachers that do this day-in-and-day-out!”

Seiler said, “This stuff isn’t just cool for kids, it’s kind of mind blowing.  I think we would have a great turn-out of adults if this type of training were available for us as well.” 


Special thanks to NetWork Kansas and Coronado Crossing RC&D for assistance with funding; to Simone Elder, Anne Dewvall, Ramey Vieux, Mike McBeath and Grant Neuhold for teaching; and to Elk Plaza and Hodgeman County Recreation Commission.  This was all started earlier this year when Network Kansas provided funding to attend the FabLab Maker Space Boot Camp in Independence, Kansas.  “It was such a great experience, and I could see how connected the FabLab was with the businesses in the community. I really wanted that for us as well.”

You can see more photos on the Hodgeman County Economic Development Facebook page, and listen to the podcast of Maker Camp 2018 here.