Scott County is Growing at Just the Right Pace

Scott County is Growing at Just the Right Pace Main Photo

29 Jun 2018

scott city parkScott County is small but mighty.  This is an excellent place to raise a family, start a business, or build a career.  A cohesive, action-oriented community, the people of Scott City work together to tackle challenges, make improvements, and ultimately create a better place to live.

Growing the Scott City Way

scott city logoWhile a hasty, large scale population increase can not only disrupt a community’s culture but also lead to an unbalanced local economy, Scott City’s approach has been focused on a moderate and controlled growth.  This long-term perspective has served our community well. While members of Scott City consistently have arms open wide to new individuals and families, our civic leaders likewise strive to present opportunities for potential growth that will benefit the community. 

What defines a community?

Scott County cannot be defined by a specific demographic; millennials, young families, retirees and vibrant senior citizens each call Scott County “home”.  What defines the community is a progressive mindset. Scott City encourages citizens, regardless of race or culture, to achieve civic and personal success through a willingness to work and become part of something beyond themselves. The Hispanic community is thriving because their families are welcomed in schools, churches, and the workforce. Well paid Jobs are readily achievable; comfortable homes for rent or purchase are available, and parents are assured their children are receiving a solid education.

Businesses and families are supported

There are a multitude of ways Scott County Development Committee (SCDC) and the community rally when new business ventures explore viability in relocating to Scott County. For example, millennials and older non-traditional graduates can take advantage of the Rural Opportunity Zone program which reduces student loan debt. Those who move to Scott County and stay five years can receive up to $15,000 forgiveness towards student loans.  To see the full spectrum of available incentives, contact Scott County Development at 620-872-3525 ext. 2.

Scott County invests in its future

Community leaders and citizens believe in the value behind self-investment for future sustainability.  This philosophy translates to more than $100 million in public/private investment in the last few years, most recently including a passage of a $25 million school bond in 2017 new construction and site improvements for the education centers and athletic facilities. This bond includes a heavy renovation of the elementary and middle schools to create more classroom space, secure entries and storm shelters to be added to each facility, a significantly larger competition gym allowing for larger events to be hosted, and a new 1,800 capacity grandstand at Darner Field which will include new restrooms, concessions, off-street parking, handicap accessibility and a courtyard. These projects will be completed by 2020.

Modernizing education

While USD #466 has always maintained a continuum of coursework for college-bound students, an additional perspective is emerging to encourage alternative career choices in service industry careers or starting businesses. A career pathway initiative is launching this year for students wanting to become electricians, carpenters, HVAC technicians, plumbers or flooring specialists, etc.  By fostering educational and employment opportunities for career-driven students, Scott County is positioning itself to retain a quality workforce while addressing the needs for business succession planning among these critical service-oriented businesses.

To ensure optimal exposure for these students, a Youth Entrepreneurs program has been implemented at the high school. As one student said, “This course will help me more in my life than anything else I have ever taken.” Many YE students have gone to college with plans to open their own businesses upon graduation.

Opportunity abounds

Scott County is not short of opportunity. Open positions for good jobs are available every day!  We are prepared to attract people who may have good jobs but are oppressed by the cost of living in an urban environment. For many families in economic challenged areas of the U.S., Scott City could provide a better way of life where hard-working individuals could more easily forge a middle-class lifestyle.

There are also new housing opportunities in Scott City. In 2016, SCDC and City of Scott City were awarded a $280,000 Moderate-Income Housing grant to develop the infrastructure and build a street for moderate-income families.  These families will have the opportunity to build homes under $200,000 that are free of special assessment taxes since the infrastructure is fully paid. Interested people should call Scott County Development to learn how to qualify for this new housing on Chestnut Street!

Retirees and seniors are welcome

The citizens of Scott County have made this a welcoming place for retirees and seniors. Families prefer to have the elder generation nearby.  Whether housing looks like a retirement dream home or comfortable rental properties, Scott City has it covered! The City of Scott City and SCDC are also building a lower-income senior housing project of 20 duplex units that will be occupied by mid-2019.  For eligibility details, contact SCDC.

All of Scott City’s citizens, not merely retirees and seniors, will benefit from the efforts emerging from the newly-organized Health and Wellness Coalition which addresses critical issues regarding health and wellness in our community.  Scott County has long pursued to improve wellness, but now acknowledges that promoting a healthy lifestyle equates to economic growth overall.

Your investment is secure….Come join us in Scott County

The citizens of Scott County have invested $100 million over the past 15 years. If someone chooses to locate a business here, their investment is secure.  The board and staff of SCDC have a methodical, interactive approach toward supporting and funding entrepreneurs so business is launched at the optimal time.

We invite you to move your family and business to Scott County. Restaurants and small businesses are thriving, young people are returning for good jobs after college, and new families are moving into our community in search of a better way of life. Make the change now, so that your family can thrive.  For more information on the opportunities available, contact Scott County Development Committee, Inc. or visit the website