Top 5 Benefits Of Moving To a Rural Area Like Western Kansas

Top 5 Benefits Of Moving To a Rural Area Like Western Kansas Main Photo

29 Jun 2022


In the wake of the covid-19 pandemic, Americans across the U.S. began looking for different ways to save money and many even flocked to rural locations for this very reason. Thankfully, moving to a rural area such as Western Kansas comes with several benefits. Here are five reasons to consider moving to a rural city.

1. Living in a rural area is generally less expensive than urban living.

It’s not uncommon for people living in rural communities to have the pleasure of experiencing a lower cost of living than they would in an urban setting. For example, 2018 statistics from Wealth Meta show that on average rural housing is approximately 30 percent cheaper than urban housing. Also, rural dwellers spend about 8.6 percent less on insurance, clothing, and education as a whole.

2. It’s easy to stay active outdoors in rural areas. 

Living in a rural city means lots of farmland. Of course, living on a farm makes it easy to stay active when tending to crops or even just mowing the lawn. But what about those who don’t live on a farm?

Rural communities come with the advantage of the great outdoors. Those who are feeling cramped in an urban setting can look forward to an abundance of outdoor activities when moving to a rural area. Whether it’s a leisurely nature walk, a scenic hike or bike ride, or a cool dip in a nearby lake, country living offers loads of opportunities for outdoor recreation.

3. Rural surroundings can be good for physical health.

Outdoor recreation, farms, and fresh air are everyday parts of rural living, all of which can do wonders for physical health. Being surrounded by farms makes it quick and convenient to purchase healthy foods straight from the source such as fruits, veggies, and eggs. Not only can working on farms and buying from them help with staying physically in shape, but the same can also be said about exploring nature. 

4. There’s cleaner air in rural places like Western Kansas.

Aside from the aforementioned physical benefits of living in a rural city, the cleaner air can also positively impact physical health. A country setting offers an escape from the pollution in the big city, whether it be litter or smog. In fact, in 2021 the Western Kansas County of Trego appeared on American Lung Association’s cleanest county list for ozone air pollution and for short-term particle pollution.

Plus, with lower pollution levels comes more beautiful scenery. The trees, sunrises, sunsets, and the stars at night all appear more vibrant in less polluted cities.

5. Country living leads to feeling at ease in the quiet atmosphere.

One common reason for moving out of the city to a rural destination is a longing for a peaceful dwelling. Moving away from the noise pollution of a busy city can actually improve health and well-being. An article from The Atlantic describes the possible noise irritants that can ultimately lead to hearing loss while living in an urban environment including but not limited to the sounds of traffic and industrial activity. 

Individuals, families, and businesses moving to a rural setting such as Western Kansas can look forward to ditching the noisy subways and car alarms in exchange for bird songs and the light taps of horses galloping on a nearby farm.