Manufacturing Month this October: Highlighting Western Kansas Manufacturers

Manufacturing Month this October: Highlighting Western Kansas Manufacturers Main Photo

21 Sep 2022


Western Kansas is home to both big-name and smaller-scale manufacturing companies. At WKREDA, we are proud to be celebrating Western Kansas manufacturers for their job opportunities and creative output that consistently benefits our economy. Manufacturing Day for 2022 is Friday, October 7 and Manufacturing Month continues throughout October. 

Manufacturing Day and Month

Manufacturing Day (MFG Day) takes place on the first Friday in October each year. MFG Day encourages manufacturing companies and educational facilities across the U.S. to invite students, parents, community leaders, and more to learn about the ins and outs of various manufacturing careers.

The theme of MFG Day and Month is “Creators Wanted.” At WKREDA, we are dedicated to this very theme which centers on developing the workforce of the future by spreading the word about potential careers offered by manufacturers in Western Kansas. Manufacturing in Western Kansas opens up a world of possibilities for those in the region who are looking for a stable career with room for growth.

Western Kansas Manufacturers

WKREDA is celebrating this upcoming MFG Day and MFG Month by spotlighting manufacturers located in Western Kansas. We are delighted with the high-quality workmanship and respectable workplace practices of Western Kansas manufacturers. 

Below is a short list of leading manufacturers in the area. Learn more about each company using the associated link!

Kansas Manufacturing Sector Continues to Progress

The manufacturing industry in both Western Kansas and the state of Kansas has been seeing progress and stability. According to the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM), manufactured goods exports from Kansas totaled $8.26 billion in 2020, helping the economy and leading to new job openings in the state.
An average of 157,000 people worked in the Kansas manufacturing industry in 2020 and the average annual compensation for Kansas manufacturing jobs was $74,541.86 in 2019. High school or trade school graduates working for a Kansas manufacturer can advance within years, eventually earning an income level that is higher than the average U.S. household income. 

Manufacturing Companies Should Locate in Western Kansas!

Locating in Western Kansas provides convenience for both national and global manufacturers. Its central location and low input cost are only a couple of the assets that Western Kansas has to offer.

Western Kansas has workforce training programs available, one example being Kansas Industrial Training (KIT). Additionally, sites in the region are available for manufacturing companies that are ready to relocate or expand. In Western Kansas, job seekers can experience quality workforce training and manufacturers can find the perfect plant location. 

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