Prairie Horizon Agri-Energy's USA Clean Fuels Project Open in Phillipsburg

Friday, September 21, 2018

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July 31, 2018 marked the grand opening of Prairie Horizon Agri-Energy’s USA Clean Fuels project in Phillipsburg. Conveniently located on HWY 36, south of the PHAE ethanol plant, the new facility offers ethanol blend fuels including Unleaded E15, Premium E-20, Super-Premium E-30, Flex Fuel E-85 and High Flow Diesel. USA Clean Fuels is dedicated to providing fuel choices that are cleaner, more affordable and better performing. Likewise, this latest addition to PHAE’s footprint is another component to help support our farmers and the ag community. The expansion of ethanol blended pumps across Kansas provides increased local corn markets and fuel choices for consumers.

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