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Cheyenne County Has a Strong Sense of Community

Cheyenne County has a fantastic location in the northwest corner of Kansas. Since we border Nebraska and Colorado, our county is only three hours from Denver and 30 minutes from I-70. This creates unique opportunities for our residents to enjoy small-town living with easy access to big city amenities. Additionally, businesses in the county can pull customers from a three-state region. This has been beneficial for small business owners and entrepreneurs who want the benefits of a low cost of living and the strong community found in Kansas, while still exposing their brands to a larger audience. From this location, businesses can generate revenue from people located in three states. For example, a state-of-the-art swimming pool in St. Francis has received visitors from the tri-state area.

Prime Location with a Land and Sky Scenic Byway

Kansas Highway 27 goes through Cheyenne County. It is a Land and Sky Scenic Byway and the only agricultural themed byway in the nation. This has presented exciting agritourism opportunities, leading to regional growth and additional exposure for our farmers and those in the dairy and cattle industries.

The Director of the CCDC is very involved in working with businesses and promoting the area to others and is currently the President of the Land & Sky Scenic Byway Committee and recently received the Kansas Destination Specialist Designation from the Travel Industry Association of Kansas.

We Have Fiber

Eagle Communications installed fiber in St. Francis, opening opportunities to those wanting to work at home via the internet. Plus, Bird City is an E-Community. Small Businesses are welcome in the county and with fast internet connections, it’s a great place for entrepreneurs.

Natural Beauty

This area of Kansas is absolutely stunning. The sunrises and sunsets will take your breath away. Rather than being flat, this area can be rather rugged and is home to the Arikaree Breaks. Located on the extreme northern edge of Cheyenne County, this area has deep ravines and gullies. The Breaks were formed by wind deposited sand, silt and clay particles, called loess. After deposition, the loess has undergone spectacular processes of head cutting and side-wall cutting the advancing tributaries of the Arikaree River and the South Fork of the Republican River. As a result of geological changes over time, Cheyenne County has spectacular canyons and stunning vistas.


There are many fascinating historical sites in Cheyenne County. These include:

  • Cherry Creek Encampment This is a memorial to the Cheyenne Indians who survived the Sand Creek massacre.
  • Three Corners This monument commemorates the joining of Kansas, Nebraska and Colorado.
  • Horse Thief Cave Stolen horses were hidden here, and it is quite the site for those interested in state folklore and the Nation’s Western heritage.


Cheyenne County is rich in culture and has several museums to visit, along with cultural events throughout the year.

The St. Francis Motorcycle Museum is open 7 days a week and houses over 100 vintage motorcycles from many manufactures including ACE, Cleveland, Jefferson, Excelsior, Flanders, Harley Davidson, Henderson, Indian, Reading Standard, Yale, Feibach, Iver Johnson and a rare Orient.

The Cheyenne Center for Creativity offers Art Exhibits at the Quincy Gallery, art classes, an art walk, and a variety of performances and educational opportunities throughout the year.

The Cheyenne County Museum Complex houses a rich collection of Cheyenne County history. The Old Country Church was moved to the site and is used for many events including weddings, reunions, programs and sing-a- longs. The Museum sponsors monthly events featuring the history of the area and has a Genealogy Center available for family research.


People in Cheyenne County are passionate about wellness and having a high quality of life. In St. Francis, the school is home to a wellness center that is free and open to the public. The bird city school district also built a community wellness center, located near the school. Both are available for residents to use at no charge and include things like an indoor track and equipment.

Some Things Shouldn’t Change

There is plenty of progress in Cheyenne County, but some things shouldn’t change. For example, it’s still possible to buy a cup of coffee for $.25 when Captain Hook’s Restaurant in Wheeler.

Cheyenne County is still a place where residents throughout the county come together, as they did for a recent Strategic Doing meeting. At the meeting, plans were made to make positive impacts on the county by all residents working together.

Sense of Community

Cheyenne County has a real sense of community. Here, you will find children biking through the streets, waving at people they know as they drive along, and friendly faces who take pride in our community and knowing their neighbors.

Successful Businesses in Cheyenne County

Here are just a few examples of the many companies who call Cheyenne County home.

A fourth-generation family operated business, Wright’s Sunflower Oil, is located near Bird City and producing high quality sunflower oil to sell throughout the country. They start the process by growing sunflowers, harvesting and storing them until needed. Then seeds are cleaned and cold pressed, pushed through a one micron filter to remove any sediment, and then the oil is bottled. The oil is available for purchase in area shops and through The Land of Kansas program.

The Callicrate Bander™ in St. Francis has earned a reputation as the most humane and effective bloodless castration method on the market, recommended by veterinarians, animal handling specialists and cattle producers. Produced locally, the product is distributed in 38 states and 12 foreign countries. A new building is under construction on U.S. Highway 36 in St. Francis, which will house the offices and shipping for the company.

The Spencer House Bed & Breakfast, owned by Kate and Carl Jenkins, is truly a jewel of Northwest Kansas. This St. Francis business has exceptional hospitality and the most wonderful breakfast. It is located in the middle of nowhere but, halfway to everywhere. No matter where you are going The Spencer House is on the way...and worth your effort! They continually receive the Certificate of Excellence from Trip Advisor.

Come Explore Cheyenne County

We invite you to visit, explore, and discover why Cheyenne County is an excellent community to raise a family, launch a business, and grow.