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Stevens County Community Profile

Stevens County, Kansas is a place where people take pride in their community, in knowing their neighbors, in supporting one another and supporting local business. The community is growing, in part, because this is an excellent place to raise a family, open a business or to get a job with one of the county’s many employers.

Rich in Natural Resources

Stevens County has abundant water for irrigation that results in ample field grains for livestock. Our water supply makes us an excellent community to locate for anyone who is involved in agribusinesses.

We also have one of the largest natural gas fields in North America. We are one of the leading producers of natural gas in Kansas which creates an abundance of opportunity for people looking for employment and those wishing to launch businesses in support of the energy sector.

Stevens County is Pro-Business

Nearly all businesses in Stevens County are locally owned. This makes it an excellent place to start a business or to launch an entrepreneurial idea. Our citizens enjoy frequenting local businesses and they are supported by an active community.

Stevens County’s low taxes are also beneficial for businesses in our area. At the county level, we offer several incentives for people who are wishing to locate here, start a business or expand one. This includes a tax abatement policy. There are also programs available through the Kansas Department of Commerce.

Businesses are Growing in Stevens County

In addition to our many thriving small businesses, Stevens County is home to KDI, our dairy processing plant. This is a great asset to our community and has been a catalyst for growth in the dairy industry. Synata Bio purchased the Abengoa plant in December to develop an ethanol plant in our county, further expanding our role as an energy-producer. These are two of the many exciting developments taking place within Stevens County.

Small Town Living, Big Quality of Life

We have friendly people living in a small-town atmosphere. Here, you will see a friendly face at the grocery store, in line at the bank or when picking up your kids from school. We are hard-working, peaceful and honest people, making this a safe community to raise a family.

People in Stevens County have great civic pride, are engaged citizens and have created active programs for our youth, families and seniors. In Stevens County, we have:

  • Excellent parks and recreation
  • Deer, pheasant and dove hunting
  • Sports programs and facilities
  • Well-developed library
  • Top-rated schools
  • Fitness center
  • 4-H programs
  • High Plains Music Festival
  • Kansas State Research and Extension Facility
  • Sunsets that will blow you away – It’s beautiful here!

This is a slower pace of life with no traffic jams, good schools, excellent medical facilities, friendly people and friendly bankers. Plus, since our housing prices are low, the American Dream of homeownership is within reach here. Families can move to Stevens County, find a good job or start a business, and afford to purchase a home. When combined with our friendly people and relaxed lifestyle, this is an incredible place to live and raise a family.

Consider Stevens County for Your Family or Business

Our citizens enjoy a small-town quality-of-life and still have the ability to do big business, even on a global basis. This is a place that has an excellent sense of community and a great quality of life.

The goal of Stevens County economic development board is to create an environment in our county that is conducive for business. We do so by finding out what our businesses need and working to solve any challenges that they face. We view ourselves as a partner in economic development and seek to both promote our existing businesses and bring in new businesses who can support them and our community members. We are always glad when we can assist any new existing business and invite you to contact us. By offering assistance, we are actively working to enhance the community of life for all our residents.