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Scott County: Investing in Our Community

Scott City and Scott County have a history of being focused on progress. Founded by a woman in 1886, they are a community that gets things done. For example, they have been working aggressively to expand housing opportunities to accommodate the needs of current and new residents. "We are willing to invest in ourselves so that when a business or family wants to come her,e they can do so because we have done more to make it possible. It takes time to understand why Scott City does things so well, but it's because we don't like mediocrity at all. We may not always achieve #1 status, but because we shoot for the top, we often achieve superior results." says Katie Eisenhour, Executive Director of the Scott County Development Committee, Inc. 

Investing in Our Community

The people of Scott County take an active approach to community investments. Eisenhour says, "The mindset of the community was, and is yet today: How can we expect others to make an investment in Scott City if we don't invest in our beloved community first?" This philosophy has led to the creation of a $24 million state-of-the-art hospital in 2012, now the area's largest employer. Through the support of an active community foundation and generous community members, they have also built a new field-house at the football field, expanded the local library, created a veteran's memorial park, and built the best flight training and educational center between Kansas City and Denver, where small-plane pilots can train on a redbird simulator, and youth can be educated. Another SCDC achievement was bringing a seasoned developer/investor team to construct 20 units of senior income-based tax credit duplex housing in 2019. The project was so successful with an excessive waitlist that an expansion of Eastridge is under application for 2023. The public and private capital investment of over $126 mi.lion in recent years is extraordinary for a town Scott City's size. 

All-America City

Scott City is one of the two communities in western Kansas that has earned the prestigious honor of being named an "All-America City". This is evident in the small-town, friendly atmosphere you encounter when enjoying a fabulous meal in a local restaurant, purchasing gifts in town, or watching a Friday night football game. The real prestige of an ACC is that the National Civic League recognizes the community for addressing issues in a manner that improves the quality of life for its citizens! Living in an All-America City also brings greater value to the culture of knowing your neighbors are coming together to assist those in mourning, those in need, and those who are sick. This culture of care is alive and well today in Scott City. 

Reasons People Move to Scott County

With beautiful wide-open spaces, Scott County is an excellent place to live, work, and raise a family. A low cost of living combined with a high quality of life make this an ideal destination for young people, families, and retirees. Some of the additional benefits of living here are: 

  • #2 in agriculture production revenue in the state and #26 in the nation
  • A growing economy causes good companies to consistently have unfilled positions awaiting new incoming residents
  • Student loan debt forgiveness program that pays up to $15,000 in student loans for those living in Scott County
  • Close proximity to the historic Lake Scott State Park and Garden City
  • Aggressive tax rebatement program to encourage rehab of property or build new (10-year plan)

We embrace our cultural differences and provide opportunities for those who possess the entrepreneurial spark to engage in a new venture. 

Business Assistance

The Scott County Development Committee, Inc (SCDC) is here to help local businesses, entrepreneurs, and the community as a whole to grow. You can contact Executive Director Katie Eisenhour with questions or if you have a business challenge that you need to overcome. There are specific programs designed to help with business growth and development, such as neighborhood revitalization and tax incentives along with loan programs offered through the SCDC and community banks. This allows businesses to obtain the funding they need, which may be unavailable through traditional means. 

Thriving and Growing

Scott County has experienced steady and continuous growth as demonstrated by the increased housing demand year over year. New businesses including Best Western, Big R, Love's Travel Stop, and Nulife Market have come to town along with new residents working in the healthcare system, and entrepreneurs creating new businesses and restaurants. They keep coming because Scott County offers a high quality of life and support from local organizations like the SCDC. 

For more information on Scott County, Business Incentives, or relocating here, contact Katie Eisenhour of the SCDC at 620-872-3525 ext. 2.