New group seeks to grow Kansas tech industry's workforce

3 Dec 2019

WICHITA, Kan. (AP) — A new group has formed to get Kansas residents talking about the state's technology industry because, organizers say, those already working here in the industry are unaware of the depth of career opportunities available and recruitment of new talent must be a collaborative effort.

"As a community, we are not coordinating ourselves to develop a workforce for tech like we do for aerospace and manufacturing," said Luis Rodriguez, president of Keycentrix, a provider of health care and pharmacy software that has been based in Wichita since 1974. "So last summer the Workforce Alliance of South Central Kansas pulled together a group of us from the sector and out of that we formed a board. We've been meeting every two weeks since then to create a plan of action for 2019 and we're ready to bring that to the whole community."

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