Eagle Communications Has Been Nominated for the wKREDA Retail/Service Business of the Year

Monday, January 13, 2020

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Eagle Communications Has Been Nominated for the wKREDA Retail/Service Business of the Year. They were nominated by Helen Dobbs of the Cheyenne County Development Corporation. Eagle Communications knew that the community of St. Francis was struggling with slow internet connectivity, which kept the community from bringing in businesses that require a stable and strong internet connection and keeping the residents from even streaming video. They say an opportunity to invest in St. Francis by building a fiber to the home connection which allows businesses to hold a stable connection, at any speed they desire.

About Eagle Communications

Eagle Communications has been active in the community since 1948. Eagle Broadband Investments LLC strives to be the leader in economic revitalization in the rural American communities they serve, dedicated to bringing relevant information, entertainment and broadband services to the people, businesses and families therein. They are committed to enhancing the quality of life by providing their services and leveraging partnerships to promote both community and family growth.

They are a valuable asset to Western Kansas and demonstrate how the strength of one business or organization can benefit the entire community. By participating in community events, creating jobs for local residents and helping to grow our economy, Eagle Communications has contributed to the economic growth occurring throughout our region. Although this company is not based in St. Francis, it employees local residents so it feels like part of a family.

Congratulations to Eagle Communications for being nominated to win the wKREDA Retail/Service Business of the Year. We encourage community members to visit their website to learn more about the work they are doing in Western Kansas. 


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