How to Make Time for Self-Care as an Entrepreneur

27 Mar 2021


Making Time for Self-Care as an Entrepreneur is Extremely for Your Health and Success

If you’re a small business owner trying to do it all, it’s important to beware of the dangers of entrepreneurial burnout. Harvard Business Review explains that entrepreneurs who are especially passionate about their businesses are more likely to burn out because they’re so dedicated to the work they love and rarely take time for their personal lives. Catching burnout symptoms early on is important. Forbes lists the signs, including irritability, exhaustion, and forgetfulness. Ideally, you will take preventive steps to avoid burnout before such symptoms appear. This guide to self-care (courtesy of Trust Innovative Flare) explains how.

Outsource tasks to make more time for yourself and alleviate stress

You don’t have to do it all. Outsourcing jobs frees up your time and gives you more hours of the day for self-care. Need help with marketing or web design? Innovative Flare can help. Want support with basic administrative tasks, like appointment management? Consider hiring a virtual personal assistant. You can find skilled professionals on freelance job platforms, where you can sort through profiles based on cost and reviews. Rely on virtual assistant services to handle the day-to-day admin, so you can focus your energy on more important tasks — like taking care of yourself.

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