Lincoln County's Seirer's Earns Spot on Trendy Online Boutique

2 Aug 2016


Carly Errebo remembers receiving the phone call that would forever change the way she looked at her business.

For more than three decades, Errebo nurtured her venture, Seirer’s Clothing, in downtown Lincoln. The shop, which prides itself on offering customers what she describes as unique, fashion-forward clothing, caught the attention of a burgeoning online business nearly 1,400 miles away.

Carly Errebo and her unique retail shop, Seirer’s Clothing, has been a fixture of downtown Lincoln for over 30 years (Photo by Fernando Rojas)

Like Seirer’s, the up-and-coming website offers fashion-conscious customers stylish items they can’t find anywhere else.

Tucked away in its offices in SoHo, a trendy neighborhood in Lower Manhattan in New York City, the business, Shoptiques, serves as the premiere online destination connecting discerning fashionistas with chic boutiques worldwide. And now, it wanted to highlight Seirer’s Clothing – only one of 13 Kansas shops featured on the website.

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