Dodge City to Welcome Distillery and Brewery

26 Jul 2016


I grew up in Dodge City in the 1980s, and it was huge news when we got an Arby’s on Wyatt Earp Boulevard.

All these years later, Dodge City has significantly grown up, and it’s about to become an adult-beverage drinker’s destination.

Boot Hill Distillery is opening on Saturday in Dodge City.

Boot Hill Distillery is opening on Saturday in Dodge City. Courtesy

This weekend, the new Boot Hill Distillery, owned by three farmers who intend to put their grain to good use, will officially open with a day full of festivities that includes live music and vodka and whiskey samplings.

Then, this spring, former Wichita resident (and Rob Miller protege) Larry Cook will open Dodge City Brewing, which will become the only craft brewery in southwest Kansas.

Boot Hill Distillery is opening in the historic municipal hall building at 501 W. Spruce St. on top of Boot Hill. It’s owned by farmers Roger and Hayes Kelman of Sublette and Chris Holovach of Scott City, who say they will produce all the grain that the distillery uses to craft its vodka, gin and white whiskey.

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