Reclaimed items give new Lincoln floral and gift shop a ‘Rustic’ feel

9 Sep 2016

Quality of Life, Entrepreneurship

Though the bones forming the framework of the new Rustic Floral and Gifts building are new, many of the elements Lincoln business owner Angela O’Bannon incorporated into the shop’s interior design are not.

Once old and discarded, rusted and forgotten, the items were reclaimed by O’Bannon, who put a fresh, functional spin on objects once overlooked.

O’Bannon opened Rustic Floral earlier this year – a few months after the death last fall of longtime Lincoln florist Jean Rohrig. Though she considered opening her own business for some time, it wasn’t until the community was left without a key business O’Bannon decided to take a chance and open a flower shop.

When she opened the floral shop, O’Bannon operated the business out of Rohrig’s former Buds and Blossoms building at 110 E. Elm, something she remains thankful to Rohrig’s family for making possible. Her new shop is located up the street at 118 E. Elm.

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