Garden City Transload Facility Breaks Ground

Garden City Transload Facility Breaks Ground Main Photo

14 Oct 2016


Garden City’s transload facility is one step closer to reality.

After breaking ground Monday, they are a bit behind schedule.

The facility will be a hub to transfer goods from trucks and trains to the wider community.

“There was a little bit of a delay, but our plan is to work six days a week instead of the five we had planned,” said Jim Orr, president of Transportation Partners & Logistics.

It’s delayed by more than a month, but Orr still expects the project to be complete by December 1 as originally planned.

Final approval came last Thursday, and Transportation Partners & Logistics quickly mobilized construction crews to get to work.

“We had to wait for our plans to be approved by KDOT,” said Lona DuVall, president of the Finney County Economic Development Corporation. “KDOT is a funding partner in the project, so we had to wait for them to accept those plans and say we could start working, so we’ll start this morning.”

The facility will help make Garden City a shipping hub. It’s where products are transferred between trucks and trains.

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