New Pharmacy Coming to St. John

New Pharmacy Coming to St. John Main Photo

15 May 2017

Healthcare, Business Expansion

Original story and video from KSN found here.

For residents in St. John, picking up prescriptions hasn’t been easy.

“Right now, we go to Great Bend to Dillons,” said Kayla Killinger

Holly Miller said she also goes to Great Bend to get her prescriptions at Walmart.

The owners of Medical Arts Pharmacy in Pratt saw the need for a local pharmacy and jumped at the opportunity.

“We’re hoping to expand our business here and open up a store in St. John to service the whole Stafford County area,” said Allison Freeze, co-owner of Medical Arts Pharmacy. “Hopefully that will be something that’s going into place late July, is what we’re shooting for.”

St. John residents said a local pharmacy will be a huge benefit to the community. They told KSN that ever since Dillons left, they’ve taken their business to other towns.

“Honestly I’m very excited to get more stuff here, and I’d most definitely change here, and support our local businesses,” Killinger said. “It’s just something else that we could use in St. John to boost St. John.”

A local pharmacy is also great news to the older residents of the town. Right now, they rely on family members or get their prescriptions mailed to them.

The executive director of a St. John retirement home, Kenwood Plaza, said she’ll be recommending families to switch to the local pharmacy when it opens.

“I really do think most of our family members would switch, as long as the price is comparable,” said Misty Newell.

Officials said Stafford County Drug will start in the AG360 Insurance building, along Fourth Street. However, the goal is to move the pharmacy to the new grocery store, once that is up and running.

If residents are looking to transfer their prescriptions to the new pharmacy, they can do that now. Freeze said all they need to do is call the Pratt pharmacy at (620) 672-7447, and staff will get their medicine on file.