PRIDE Community Partner Award Winner Given in Natoma

PRIDE Community Partner Award Winner Given in Natoma Main Photo

4 Aug 2017

Community Development

Dawn Phileger, a volunteer with the Natoma PRIDE Program has been honored for her work in the community.   

Phileger was named a winner of the 2016 PRIDE Community Partner Award, given by the Kansas PRIDE program, a partnership of K-State Research and Extension, the Kansas Department of Commerce, Kansas PRIDE, Inc. and the Kansas Masons.

Natoma PRIDE is fortunate to have Dawn as a volunteer for numerous reasons. Some projects and activities she has been involved in are as followed:

Raising funds for the planting of several trees in the City Park.  

Secured grant money for the complete renovation of the City Park basketball court and six new benches for the City Park.  

Was instrumental in getting the Pride program started for Natoma, and since its inception, has assisted with securing grants from Dane G. Hansen and the CDBG to renovate a large part of the City Park. Renovations include the building of an accessible bathroom and a large play structure for the older children in the community.

Kansas PRIDE is a volunteer-led organization that serves communities across the state by assisting local government and volunteers in making their communities better places to live and work. Through the program, local PRIDE volunteers identify what they want to preserve, create, or improve in their communities and work with K-State Research and Extension agents and specialists and the Kansas Department of Commerce to achieve their goals. The Kansas PRIDE Program is a partnership between Kansas PRIDE, Inc., K-State Research and Extension, The Kansas Department of Commerce, and The Kansas Masons.

More information about Kansas PRIDE is available by calling 785-532-5840 or emailing