REV-E3 2017 FHSU Emerging Business

REV-E3 2017 FHSU Emerging Business Main Photo

25 Aug 2017


After working with technology for over 15 years between the Army and in the civilian world, it took a research paper to spark the start of REV-E3. Tony Salcido saw the market gap in not only the disposing of electronic waste but also the reusability of the components and the metals from printers, computers, and other electronic equipment normally sent to the landfill. While pursuing his degree in Network Security, he wrote a research paper on electronic waste that moved him to continue researching the subject and to start an e-waste business. Thanks to other area e-waste vendors, he had the numbers and the research but it was the FHSU KSBDC’s “ability to help us make sense of the numbers that helped us get our funding.”

“When you get something for free you kind of expect the minimum. With [the KSBDC], as long as we put forth the effort, [the SBDC] reciprocated back.”

REV-E3 has already exceeded Tony’s initial expectations. REV-E3 breaks down e-waste and tests, refurbishes, and resells 55% of the total e-waste inventory they receive from other businesses, municipalities, and landfills. The other 45% is sent to another company who extracts the metals and grounds the rest down. Although Tony and REV-E3’s contribution to the environment and our landfills is obvious, it’s the extra opportunities that come with being a business owner that Tony takes the most pride in. “The best part of being a business owner is being able and willing to help people.”

He enjoyed a spontaneous opportunity to talk with kids in a library program about the breakdown of a computer when he stopped by to pick up the libraries e-waste. He also enjoys helping his new employee learn the parts and pieces as well.

What does Tony attribute to his start up success? “Due diligence. You hear it time and time again, but I know now it’s true. If you want to do something you have to put in the work. [The KSBDC] helped keep us stay motivated and that’s our motto, One Step Forward. It doesn’t matter how many steps you take as long as you make one step forward.” Tony’s final remark, “The KSBDC is too big of a secret.”