White House Implements Trucking Action Plan

White House Implements Trucking Action Plan Main Photo

22 Feb 2022


The Biden-?Harris Administration is encouraging all government levels to join them in addressing the issues that the trucking workforce is facing in order to develop a stronger trucking workforce. U.S. trucking employers are making strides to improve truck driving jobs to attract new workers.

In Western Kansas alone, truck driving is vital to keeping members of communities happy. A large part of their economy is the agriculture industry and goods need to be transported to ensure that consumers in the region stay satisfied. This means that there are plenty of truck driving job opportunities in Western Kansas ready to be scooped up by the next eligible job seekers. 

WKREDA serves 55 Western Kansas counties with a focus on the well-being of the residents in the area. The organization is committed to helping the economy flourish with an emphasis on community and is eager to see the Trucking Action Plan pay off. 

Truck Driver Shortages 

Now businesses are struggling with workforce shortages from the COVID-19 pandemic and supply chains are one of the industries that have been affected the most. The U.S. has been seeing truck yards, distribution centers, warehouses, and more becoming overcrowded due to a lack of employees needed to transfer the freight. 

Even before the pandemic hit, truck driver shortages were quite common. Challenges of the industry include being away from home for long periods and an aging work crew. Some truck drivers even have to pay for gas and repairs taking away from their overall income. Thus, the trucking industry often sees high turnover rates. 

According to the United States Census Bureau, most goods that Americans use every day had first been moved and delivered by trucks. In 2017, 71.6 percent of goods were shipped by truck in the United States. In most areas, trucks are the only available means of transporting goods. With the high amount of truck drivers currently needed in the region, it is imperative that they have fair and safe working conditions. 

A Plan To Enhance The U.S. Trucking Workforce

The Trucking Action Plan began in December 2021. The plan lists strategies that will help to improve upon trucking industry workforce necessities including employee retention and productivity. The immediate actions to be taken are as follows. 

  • Make efforts to lower the number of obstacles that drivers have when they are trying to obtain their CDL. 
  • Launch a 90-day Challenge for employers to create new Registered Apprenticeships providing first-rate training for new truck drivers and potentially increasing a much-needed employee base.
  • Focus on recruiting U.S. veterans. 
  • Set the Driving Good Jobs initiative in motion which consists of actions and programs that will support truck drivers, put together by DOT and DOL.

The goal is that truck drivers will feel more pleased with their positions than ever before. With this push to strengthen the trucking workforce, current and prospective truck drivers can look forward to greater peace of mind while doing their jobs.