Innovative Online Tool Guides Kansas Job Seekers

3 May 2018

TOPEKA, Kan. – An innovative online tool created and launched by Kansas labor and commerce officials aims to get Kansans to work in the highest paying and most in-demand jobs.

From accountants to nurses to aerospace engineers—the Kansas Career Navigator ( gives Kansans real-time access to the latest high-demand and high-wage occupation opportunities locally and across the state. The intuitive dashboard is an excellent resource for individuals looking for employment in Kansas. In addition to the job postings, the Navigator also identifies the training programs available in the region giving students, teachers, parents and others a clear path to success in the workplace.

“Our state is quite diverse, as are the interests of our growing workforce,” said Diane DeBacker, director of business and education innovation at the Kansas Department of Commerce and former state education commissioner. “The Kansas Career Navigator provides data specific to each Kansas region. It’s dynamic and it’s updated consistently, making it an invaluable resource for Kansans.”

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