Support Small Businesses in Western Kansas During Small Business Week

Support Small Businesses in Western Kansas During Small Business Week Main Photo

26 Apr 2022


Celebrate Small Business Week from May 1st through the 7th by supporting your local small businesses in Western Kansas. The U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) holds its annual National Small Business Week during the first week of May. 

Memories are often made in downtown areas while visiting local small businesses where the owners get to know you personally and even memorize your favorite products. This remarkable experience is offered throughout Western Kansas in many cities. Small Business Week provides an opportunity for Western Kansas locals to recognize and support the businesses in their community.

By promoting small businesses in Western Kansas, you are actually supporting your community’s economy. According to a 2018 report from American Express, a two-thirds average of every dollar spent at U.S. small businesses stays within the local community. If buying products from a local shop means supporting our surrounding community, then we’re in!

How You Can Help Small Businesses in Western Kansas

Aside from actually purchasing items in-store or online from local businesses, there are a handful of other ways you can contribute to their growth and acknowledge them. They will appreciate your efforts whether it be a downtown shop, cafe, family restaurant, florist, dry cleaner, or hardware store.

Show off your merch to friends and family.

Let your loved ones know how excited you are about what you just bought from a local shop! Plus, buying them a gift card will help them discover what they can buy on their own.

Support Small BusinessesLeave a big tip.

Cafes and restaurants make up a significant percentage of small businesses. Leaving more than 20 percent when tipping can go a long way. 

Engage their social media accounts.

Follow their social media accounts and share their posts on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Even commenting on their posts about a product that you want to buy from them or a meal you want to try can have a big impact. Tag your friends and family members in posts about products or deals you think they will be interested in.

Purchase items or meals at their full price.

If you have the money, then don’t wait for that discount. Pay full price! Remember, this money is not only going to the business itself, but it will also help strengthen the local economy in cities throughout Western Kansas. 

Sign up for their newsletter.

Small businesses will commonly send their customers a newsletter via mail or email. This is an easy and convenient way for customers to receive the latest updates on deals, events, discounts, and more.

Give them a shout-out on Nextdoor. 

The Nextdoor app connects people within a local community. This can be especially useful to families and individuals who recently moved to learn more about the new area they live in. Reach people near you on Nextdoor and recommend your favorite small business nearby.

Do your research.

Keep discovering new small businesses by searching online. American Express offers an online tool that allows you to type in your location to find small businesses near you.

Help Us Show Appreciation for Local Businesses This May

Small businesses not only add character to Western Kansas communities, but they also create job opportunities and strengthen the local economy. Plus, the unique shopping experience these places provide for families and friends is unmatched. 

Join us in supporting the local small businesses in Western Kansas by shopping small the first week of May! Create a lasting connection with them and continue to shop small throughout the year.

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