WKREDA Celebrates Parks and Recreation Month in Western Kansas

WKREDA Celebrates Parks and Recreation Month in Western Kansas Main Photo

29 Jul 2022


In 1985, the National Recreation and Park Association (NRPA) selected July as the nation’s official Parks and Recreation Month. Communities across America have been celebrating ever since!

With July being Parks and Recreation Month, WKREDA is encouraging families and individuals to get outside and enjoy the beautiful outdoors in Western Kansas. The region’s scenic nature trails and boating areas amount to just a small portion of the outdoor adventures that our community has to offer.

Top 5 Outdoor Recreation Spots in Western Kansas

Western Kansas is filled to the brim with fun outdoor activities, so we’ve compiled a short list of exceptional options. Here are five stunning state parks in Western Kansas. 

  • Lake Scott State Park

    • This Western Kansas state park is located in Scott County. The park is open all year for various activities such as camping, fishing, hiking, boating, and more.
  • Cedar Bluff State Park

    • Divided into two main areas within Ellis and Trego Counties, this picturesque state park offers plenty of room for adventures along the Cedar Bluff Reservoir shorelines. The more developed of those areas is the 350-acre Bluffton Area featuring campsites, cabins, fishing, basketball, volleyball, horseshoes, a BMX track, and a beach. The less developed 500-acre Page Creek Area has a campground, as well.
  • Wilson State Park

    • Located within Lincoln and Russell Counties along the Post Rock Scenic Byway, Wilson State Park attracts photographers with its rocky cliffs and unique wildlife. It’s the perfect spot for fishermen, mountain bikers looking for a challenge, and even hikers seeking a place for a leisurely walk.
  • Cheney State Park

    • This charming spot on the south end of Cheney Reservoir offers campsites as well as cabins. Hikers can find wildlife along the Giefer Creek and Spring Creek nature trails while fishermen can try catching channel catfish, walleye, and more! Plus, there are plenty of swimming areas to choose from. Cheney State Park is located in Kingman County.
  • Little Jerusalem Badlands State Park

Why WKREDA Appreciates Parks and Recreation Month

As economic developers for WKREDA, we understand the major impact parks and recreation have in Western Kansas. These exciting sites for entertainment are crucial to keeping residents happy with a high quality of life. 

Parks and recreation can also benefit the economy. Visitors of Western Kansas who come to tour the parks or play in a tournament will often spend money on local restaurants, shopping, gas, and more. Not only does this help support local businesses, but it also plays a part in creating new jobs in the Western Kansas community. 

There are other ways that you can help!

You can invite family and friends to visit you in Western Kansas or you can write positive Google and Facebook reviews for parks and recreation in the area. Also, by sharing social media posts about parks and recreation in Western Kansas, you can get the word out and potentially attract visitors. 

Be sure to share this article and tell a friend about all of the magnificent parks open for exploring in Western Kansas!