A Rising Tide Lifts All the Boats

22 Nov 2022


NetWork Kansas launched the E-Community Program in 2007 and since then it has grown from six E-Communities to 69 E-Communities. As the E-Community Program grew, we divided the state into regions. We’ve recently hired two more E-Community Regional Managers to support what are now six E-Community Regions. For the most part, when you’ve worked with one E-Community, you have worked with one E-Community (i.e. you HAVEN’T seen it all).

Each E-Community has so many different variables that make them different. Despite many shared challenges, such as housing, access to childcare, etc., each E-Community is unique, with unique leadership, different personalities, and varying degrees of engagement with entrepreneurship. Still, we have consistently moved over time to viewing the E-Community Partnership as regionally connected rather than a disparate group of individual cities or counties.

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