Shop Local in Western Kansas this Holiday Season

Shop Local in Western Kansas this Holiday Season Main Photo

24 Dec 2022


This holiday season, the team at WKREDA urges all Western Kansas citizens to shop local! Making a trip to shop at downtown stores and dine at nearby restaurants this holiday season will not only help those businesses, but it will also help grow the local economy. Aside from boosting the local economy and watching local business owners smile, shopping locally during the holidays has many other advantages. Find out how you can make a difference by shopping at a local business in Western Kansas during this splendid time in December.

Benefits of Shopping Local

The sales that a business receives during the holidays can make or break their entire year. One report highlight from the MetLife and U.S. Chamber of Commerce Small Business Index is that 79 percent of small business owners in 2022 said that this year’s holiday season is important for their yearly profit. Keep local businesses in mind whether you are doing some holiday shopping or dining out to celebrate the New Year.

While we as customers support our local businesses, these businesses are supporting us, too. One report from American Express in 2018 said that for every dollar spent at a local business in the United States, 67 cents stay within the local economy. Local businesses also create jobs within their community. With such a positive impact on the local economy and job seekers, it’s easy to see why doing our part to keep these places in business is imperative.

When shopping at a local store or eating a meal at a local restaurant, you can meet the owners and the various employees and gain access to their local expertise. They can tell you about what products and services can be used in your area or even point you in the direction of some other local businesses that may interest you. It’s this friendly and inviting atmosphere that paints a picture of what local businesses are all about.

Plus, don’t forget that walking to a nearby store can help the environment. Walking instead of taking a car or bus will ultimately contribute to the prevention of air pollution. If your downtown community isn’t too far from where you live or work, consider walking there to do your shopping and dining. 

Also, 66 percent of small businesses indicated that they had made donations to local charities this year. Their generosity is an incentive to shower them with support during the holidays.

“Shopping local is a win-win. I get to purchase from friends — supporting their businesses — while saving time and fuel driving out of town,” said Lea Ann Seiler, Southwest Regional Manager for NetWork Kansas. “Amazon just can’t compare to the happiness I feel shopping at Rusty Rose or Schaffer Furniture. This year I also ordered Christmas bookmarks from a grade-school entrepreneur to put in my holiday cards!”

Holiday Activities in Western Kansas

Western Kansas turns into a winter wonderland this time of year with local holiday events in every city. Many of these events are put on in partnership with local businesses that can be found in downtown areas. 

Be sure to visit local stores and find out what events they might have coming up. Dine in or enjoy a drink at a restaurant and ask about any holiday drink specials, meal specials, or festivities in the works.

Thank You to Local Business Owners in Western Kansas

WKREDA would like to thank all of the local businesses throughout Western Kansas for the wonderful perks they have brought to our community members, our economy, and the environment. We appreciate all the benefits you bring to Western Kansas communities and love watching the warmth you inspire in community members. It is a joy to have you with us!