Lend a Helping Hand in Western Kansas this National Volunteer Month!

Lend a Helping Hand in Western Kansas this National Volunteer Month! Main Photo

24 Mar 2023


Make some time to help out a charitable organization in Western Kansas this April for National Volunteer Month. Organizations throughout Western Kansas can always benefit from new volunteers, whether they have applicable skills or no related experience at all. 

National Volunteer Month takes place annually every April. It is a designated time to celebrate volunteers and the incredible impact their work makes on society, plus to encourage others to volunteer for charities and nonprofits in their area.

Western Kansas is committed to giving back and serving the needs of residents throughout its many communities. In the wake of the pandemic, organizations need more volunteers and continue to look for workers who are willing to offer their time and assistance for free. If you live in Western Kansas, consider volunteering for some local organizations!

Western Kansas Nonprofits Need Your Help

Western Kansas is fortunate to have an abundance of generous organizations and charities where volunteers are key to their success. Choose from the list below or discover more ways to support your community by doing some research.

No matter what organization you select, your efforts are greatly appreciated by the folks here at WKREDA and your surrounding community. Your hard work is going toward an important cause that will lead to the overall improvement of Western Kansas.

Contact WKREDA today if you would like to receive expert advice and resources on launching or expanding your organization in Western Kansas. We are grateful for all the help that you are bringing to our communities.