Economic Development Week: How the Work of Economic Developers Benefits Your Community

Economic Development Week: How the Work of Economic Developers Benefits Your Community Main Photo

6 May 2023


The WKREDA team is excited to celebrate economic developers this week! Economic Development Week is a 7-day opportunity to reflect on the significant impact that economic development organizations have had on their local businesses and economies. 

This year’s Economic Development Week takes place from May 8th through the 12th. The annual holiday is always held during the second week of May. During this time, we would like to say thank you to economic developers helping communities everywhere. 

The International Economic Development Council (IEDC) introduced the very first Economic Development Week celebration in 2016. The initial mission was to provide communities everywhere with information about local opportunities that help with job creation and development and elevate the overall quality of life in these cities. 

Why Do We Celebrate Economic Development Week?

Economic development organizations work to assist in the progress and development of local businesses. Economic Development Week is a chance for these organizations to showcase their continued efforts and accomplishments that benefit their community members and local economy. It is also an opportunity to thank your local economic developers and to acknowledge their contributions to your community and ongoing efforts to improve your local economy. 

Economic development organizations can utilize the following resources to enjoy a successful Economic Development Week. This 2023 Economic Development Week Toolkit by the IEDC offers ideas on how to promote your economic development organization. Ideas include organizing events, advertising through print and digital, using the hashtag #EconDevWeek in your professional social posts, and more.

What Does WKREDA Do For Western Kansas Communities?

WKREDA is committed to supporting the development of businesses across Western Kansas. As an economic development organization, we work to promote Western Kansas and let people know why we are the perfect area for businesses, families, and individuals. From making campaigns and planning initiatives to creating training programs and representing Western Kansas at trade shows, WKREDA continues to find new ways to help grow local economies throughout the region. 

WKREDA not only has 12 Board of Directors members, but it also has designated committees for community development, agriculture, legislation, workforce, marketing, and professional development. Each committee addresses specific issues that arise in their focus area. 

For example, the WKREDA Community Development Committee was established to tackle non-traditional economic development issues that negatively impact local economies throughout Western Kansas. With a strong focus on improving healthcare, housing, and childcare in our region, the Community Development Committee devises strategies to combat regional economic development issues. 

WKREDA also holds conferences regularly in various cities throughout Western Kansas to discuss how to further economic advancement in a specific location. The WKREDA Quarterly Conference in January took place in Topeka. The upcoming WKREDA Quarterly Conference on June 7th and 8th invites WKREDA members to Osborne.

The WKREDA team makes strides to increase the growth of local businesses in Western Kansas. We invite companies, startups, and entrepreneurs in the region to reach out to us for economic development help. Contact us at (800) 982-3501 or to receive the answers you need.