Why Phillips County?

1 Nov 2018

phillips countyYou will find small town hospitality in Phillips County, a place where residents enjoy a high quality of life with a low cost of living. Visitors frequent Phillips County to shop in Phillipsburg’s bustling downtown and to attend family-friendly events. What stands out is the thriving downtown and large small business community. Local entrepreneurs have filled every storefront, leading to ongoing construction and development projects.

Together, residents and entrepreneurs have created a strong and vibrant community. Success here is frequently achieved as a community endeavor with business networks, volunteer groups, and task forces pushing for a united goal - to foster community growth and future prosperity.

Where is Phillips County located?

Located in Northwest Kansas, equidistant between I-70 and I-80, Phillips County is ideally situated on the shortest trucking route between two major interstates. The location has contributed to the area’s growth, with the local economy being comprised primarily of agricultural companies and small businesses.

Why are people choosing to move to Phillips County?

Phillips County is composed of the small-town hospitality everyone is looking for. Our picture-book communities are populated with the warmest smiles in the Midwest; proud of their local heritage and their hometowns. Our progressive community with its growing health facilities, retail sector and outstanding educational system form the idyllic lifestyle that so many are proud to call “Home”. Here, families can expect a high quality of life, low cost of living, good schools, close-knit community feel, and a place that is warm and welcoming of newcomers. If it is a relaxed but progressive quality of life that you seek, you will not find a more welcoming place to be.

Are homes affordable?

Very! The median home value in 2017 was in the $65-70,000 bracket. Plus, our Neighborhood Revitalization Program offers a sliding scale rebate over a period of 10 years, to property owners who increase the appraised value of their property by more than $10,000.  

Why should Millennials move to Phillips County?

Phillips County is the Number 1 participating county within the State of Kansas in the Rural Opportunity Zone program. This program offers both student loan forgiveness and income tax waivers to college graduates moving or returning to the community. Plus, with a strong entrepreneurial culture, this is an excellent place for Millennials looking to start a business.

What are the schools like in Phillips County?

Phillips County takes great pride in the high quality of education offered by our 4 school districts. Students receive one-on-one attention with the teachers creating an exceptional learning environment for our students. Phillips County is also proud to provide an excellent preschool, community daycare center in Logan, and soon to be community daycare center in Phillipsburg.

What type of events are held in the County?

There are also a lot of things to do in Phillips County. Families have many opportunities throughout the year to attend local events including Kansas’ Biggest Rodeo, Phillips County Fair, Hansen Arts and Crafts Fair, Riverless Festival, Old Settler’s Day, Labor Day Celebration and much more. These events cater to all ages and provide entertainment year-round.

How can people become involved in the community?

There are plenty of ways to be involved in the community from joining civic organizations, participating in club sports, to signing up for volunteer boards.

What do people do for fun in Phillips County?

In addition to parks and outdoor recreation, Phillips County offers shopping, dining, entertainment options, and attractions that are fun for the entire family. Popular destinations include the Dane G.Hansen Museum, Majestic Community Theater, Fort Bissell Museum and Phillipsburg Aquatic Center.

We are always mindful to embrace future innovation and modern activity while staying true to the traditional ideals that the community was founded upon. We are invested in providing an exceptional quality of life and ensuring that every resident and business is confident that they are supported and represented across all facets of local economic and community development.  

What is the entrepreneurial culture like in Phillips County?

Phillips County entrepreneurs are supported by relative training and networking opportunities through various resource organizations. Many of our local business owners are actively engaged in supporting and mentoring their peers to operate or start their own business.

Phillips County also benefits from a full time Economic Development office, E-Community designation, an Entrepreneurship Center, and a strong commitment from local lending organizations to evaluate higher risk start-ups and expansion projects. Combined with regional and statewide programs, the community provides an exceptional environment for entrepreneurial development.

Why are businesses moving to or starting up in Phillips County?

Many small businesses are starting here because Phillips County is the number 1 participating Kansas County in the Rural Opportunity Zone Program. This helps to pay off student loans and give income tax waivers for people moving to the County, making our communities highly attractive for young entrepreneurs.

Additionally, Phillips County Economic Development (PCED) provides a variety of incentives and loan programs for businesses. Low interest rate loans, gap financing, and short-term, unsecured microloans are available for existing Phillips County businesses. Not only can PCED provide financial assistance, there are also local lenders, state and federal resources available to help assist businesses.

The PCED is dedicated to providing the support required for businesses to achieve success. From start-up to succession planning, from funding to workforce, the economic development office will work with any project to help maximize output and attain the goals of the owner.

What other programs are in place to stimulate growth?

PCED recently released two new assistance programs for business owners as well as homeowners in Phillips County.

The Commercial Revitalization Program is a funding program to assist retail and service businesses within Phillips County to enhance their storefront and encourage enhancement projects. The Commercial Revitalization Program is a dollar-for-dollar match towards the cost of their commercial storefront enhancement project with a maximum reimbursement award of $5,000 per project.

The Residential Revitalization Program is an assistance program for income-eligible homeowners/renters in Phillips County to paint the exterior of their residential property. The Residential Revitalization Program will reimburse up to $300 for the exterior paint required to renovate the residential property.

What is happening with the youth of Phillips County?

This summer, PCED offered 12 paid internships at local businesses, in partnership with the Nex-Generation Internship Program. Each year local businesses are eligible to receive funding for a paid intern who will work with them for 9 weeks over the summer; gaining employment skills and learning about opportunity in Phillips County. This program gives students hands-on experience in a wide variety of professions while providing the students with an opportunity to get involved in the community, and jump start their career in rural Kansas.

PCED also offers an annual Youth Entrepreneurship Challenge competition in conjunction with NetWork Kansas, where local High School students learn the fundamentals of business planning and ownership.

Why should people visit Phillips County?

Phillips County has a classic charm that is reminiscent of an old Norman Rockwell painting. Strolling through the brick streets of Phillipsburg, shopping in the many small businesses, dining at a local café, and catching a movie at the iconic Majestic Community Theater, all make for a lovely afternoon or weekend away. Additionally, there are several entertainment destinations within Phillips County that warrant a visit, including the following -

The Dane G. Hansen Museum, located in Logan, is a popular destination that showcases a permanent art collection as well as travelling Smithsonian exhibits. The Museum gallery hosts monthly, “Artist of the Month” to display the work of talented artists from all around. The museum takes pride in hosting a variety of classes and workshops for the community to attend and enjoy.

Located on the southeast corner of downtown Phillipsburg is a wonderfully renovated movie theatre. The Majestic shows movies Friday-Monday at 7:30 PM and offers a full concession area with candy, popcorn, and pop. Here you will find all ages enjoying a weekend night at the community movie theatre.

Residents and visitors often frequent the Fort Bissell Museum. Originally built for the safety of the settlers against the Indians, Fort Bissell is now home to a museum that showcases the history of Phillips County. Fort Bissell Museum contains buildings all originally from Phillips County. The museum showcases artifacts donated from the families of Phillips County as well. The museum hosts events throughout the summer.

The newly built Phillipsburg Aquatic Center is also popular and includes a large outdoor pool and an indoor therapy / exercise pool. Both pools are accessible by zero entry, ramping, or steps. Locker rooms, showers, and restrooms are part of the facility connecting to The Wellness Center.  Many classes and programs are available for both indoor and outdoor pools with the availability of special event/ party rentals.

For more information, visit www.phillipscountykansas.com.